It is the Huaxia Hinterland Park,the capital of Sichuan and Shanxi Soviet area,andthe Opening-up Highland of Sichuan.
This is Bazhong,a city in Sichuan, China.
  Bazhong has formulated six important industries: Cultural tourism industry,Fitting industry of car and motorcycle;New energy & material industry;Modern TCM industry;Textile and garment industry;Modern agriculture industry.This feast of investment shows the great changes that an ancient city one thousand years ago is becoming a modern city.
  The government sticks to open all legal investment fields regardless of ecology, conditions and rules. All investing enterprises can access to the market and develop freely.Cities and counties (districts) set up government affairs service center,implementing the portal service also establish special funds for investors and provide rewards for intermediary organizations and individuals introducing projects. We give full support on corporate tax, land, finance.and export trade, etc .Blueprint has been drawn up.We will seize every minute to accelerate our social and economical development.Bazhong, with high-spirited heroism and open mindset,welcomes people from different areas to write a new wealth legend.

Bazhong economic development zone is a provincial industrial development platform, which covers an area of 80 square kilometers.The core area covers 50 square kilometers.It will have population of 35,0000.According to the Development Strategy of Integration Between City and Industry, One Region with Multiple Industrial Zones,Harmonies Between City and Industrial Zones, Conveniences Between Living and Work the City Layout of “One Area and Two Key Zones, Two Sides and Many Centers”, we created the favorable conditions of carrying on industry transfer.

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Bazhong Investment Promotion Committee
Contact Person: Kaitian Chen