A city with long history and beautiful landscape;
  A city with abundant natural resources;
  A city with transport advantages;
  A city with business opportunities.
 Dazhou provides financial aids and promotion, policy support and guarantee, major projects green avenues and leadership assistance for potential investors, aiming to opening up Dazhou on a wider scale.
 Dazhou has coal, rock salt and other 26 kinds of mineral resources available for development. The natural gas reserve in Dazhou is up to 3.8 trillion cubic meters. Agricultural products with rich Se mineral, such as Bashan Queshe Tea and Jiuyuan Black Hen, enjoy appeals home and abroad. Dazhou’s abundant agricultural production wins her the titles of “the home of boehmeria”, “the home of chrysanthemum”, “the home of glutinous rice”, “the capital of green tea with Se”, “the capital of sweet liquor” and “the capital of oil olives”.
 There are 41 vocational and polytechnic education institutions in Dazhou, offering the market tens of thousands of graduates every year. Dazhou is the logistics centre of Qin and Ba regions, radiating a large region in Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei and Shaanxi. 
 Dazhou is the portal of Chongqing’s northbound, Chengdu’s eastbound, Xi’an’s southbound and Wuhan’s westbound journeys. Three railways, namely Xiangyang-Chongqing railway, Dazhou-Chengdu railway and Dazhou-Wanzhou railway, meet in Dazhou. National Highway 210 and 318 go across Dazhou, and direct expressways connect Dazhou with Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi’an. Direct flights are also available between Dazhou and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. River shipping on Qu River goes via Chongqing and reaches Shanghai. A one-hour economic zone has been formed in Dazhou, with bullet trains connecting with Chongqing and Chengdu for 1.5 hour and 2.5 hours respectively. Xi’an is only four-hour driving distance through expressway. Dazhou Railway Station is the fourth largest in southwest China.

Dazhou is a perfect investment platform for industries including natural gas chemicals, salt, coal and carbon refining and extension, clean energy automobile, environmental friendly equipment, new materials and energies, pharmaceuticals, electronic products and other high-end products and emerging industries. Modern logistics park, agricultural products processing centre, automobile amenity park and biopharmaceutical park are available to accommodate new business and companies.