Jintang County, known as First City of Tuojiang River, is situated in the northeastern Chengdu Plain, with an area of 1,156km2, has jurisdiction over 21 towns and 2 provincial-level industrial development zones a and has a total population of 890,000.  
Jintang County is comprehensive development area and the Longquan Mountain ecological tourism functional area determined by the "Twelfth Five-Year" plan of Chengdu to, It is a u-nique water city in western China, the appropriate industry habitable resort. Along with the advancement of a new round of western development, the opening of new urbanization and new industrialization, Chengdu's, in-depth implementation of the "five  city enlivening" strategy, Jintang county's "three big strategies"and its "three zone construction", to become a forerunner in the adjustment of industrial structure, new urbanization construction, improve people's liveli-hood  in hilly areas accelerated,
Jintang County¨s  advantages of location and resources will be bound to strongly promote the county's leapfrog economic and social development.
  £ energy-saving and environmental-protection equipment manufacturing: including industrial, construction, transportation, energy saving equipment in the field of life;
  £ energy saving products: including industrial, construction, transportation, the field of life¨s energy-saving products, materials, clean energy, lighting, display systems;
  £ recycling of resources: including waste cars, electronics dismantling and recycling, waste recycling, intravenous industrial park;
  £ Environmental services: including environmental engineering design, construction and operation, environmental assessment, planning, decision making, management consulting, environmental technology research and development, environmental monitoring and testing, financial services, education and training.
  £Huge potential for development. The population and geographical area of Jintang County is 1/10 of Chengdu, and it is becoming the industrial strategy frontier areas, ecological garden city model area, and modern agricultural demonstration zone under the construction of Chengdu. In 2012, the county's major economic indicators of growth are among the forefront of the city, and were named the county economic development of advanced counties in Sichuan Province.
  £Prominent location advantages. Jintang County, 25 kilometers away from Chengdu, is located in the ^Golden Triangle ̄ which is between the Chengdu, Deyang city and Mianyang city economic zone and the Chengdu, Suining city and Chongqing developing zone. It is relying on the large urban center---Chengdu which has 14 million people. To the east, it can reach the east of Sichuan Province; to the north, it goes though Deyang city, Guanghan city and connects Xian Province; to the west, it can directly enter the urban area of Chengdu.
  £Convenient and smooth transportation. Jintang County has 5 high-speed exit, 3 railways, l light rail which is from Chengdu to Jintang County and a passenger and freight station, aconnecting to 3 expressways; and is about 40 minutes¨ drive from the Shuangliu international airport, 5 kilometers away from Asia¨s largest railway container marshalling station . Jintang County opened 26 bus lines, thus achieving the seamless transfer with the central city of Chengdu, which integrated into the ^Half-an -hour Traffic Circle ̄.
  £Quality and efficient government services. Jintang County reduced the time limit of corporate administrative approval items, intervened in the front-end services such as business registration ahead of time, followed the promotion of project construction, commissioning management and other follow-up services, jointed the investment, project to promote the construction, business services and other services seamlessly. What¨s more, Jintang County provided the agency, ^one-stop ̄ specification, and high quality, efficient administrative services for the enterprises in Jintang.

Located in Jintang County HuaiKou Town, China environmental protection equipment manufacturing (Chengdu) base is 30km from downtown chengdu, and was planned as the only "industrial strategic frontier area" of Chengdu ,with a total planned area of 100 square kilometers and is expected to have 80 square kilometers, industrial sales breaks the record of 100 billion Yuan in 2016. At present, 20 square kilometers has been built, with two provincial-level development zone, including Chengdu - Aba Industrial Park, Sichuan Jintang Industrial Park.
  The base was selected as the top 20 in the most investable environment in Sichuan industrial park , and it was awarded the title of Chinese Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Base in Chengdu and the Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Industry Demonstration Zone . Up to now, the base has gathered more than 150 major industrial projects , including energy saving and environmental protection industry, the city Environmental Protection Group, Jiangsu Peng Harrier Environmental Group, Siemens mechanical equipment Chengdu base . In April this year, the only Southwest Exhibition Center of energy saving products has also been put into use.