Liangshan is named as the Ural of China and the sole resource development and utilization zone approved to be established by the state by now which is the core area of innovative development and experiment zone of strategic resource in the region of Panzhihua-Xichang. With vast land, abundant solar and rain, Liangshan Prefecture, called the Natural Green House with distinctive vertical climate, is one of three pasturing areas and forest regions. Anning Valley Plain, the 2nd plain in Sichuan, is located in the hinterland of Grand Shangrila Tourism Circle Ring. The torch festive of Yi nationality has been listed into the Directory of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the Mosuo culture has been named as the Living Fossil of Matriarchal Society of Humanity.
  In recent years, Liangshan Prefecture, based on the five advanced resources of hydropower, minerals, agriculture, tourism and ethnic culture, is insisting on the investment attraction and selection and introduction of large-scale and strong enterprise as the life line of economy, implementing the three strategies of equal stress on development and protection of advanced recourse, fully opening and cooperation and facilitation by great enterprise and group and development of 7+3 industry with key attention to the development of strategic emerging industry and featured advanced industry.
  By taking hydraulic energy and power, metallurgical minerals, metal material, casting material and construction material, equipment manufacturing, tobacco industry, and food and drug as the advanced resource industry, the ten-industry cluster is fostered and developed with rare earth, vanadium & titanium and new energy as the strategic emerging industries.
  In recent years, Liangshan Prefecture is focusing on the strategy of development and protection of advanced resource, fully opening and cooperation and facilitation by large-scale group and enterprise by taking advantage of best resources, introducing the top enterprise, implementing the advanced development and propelling the best development.
  More than 30 enterprises from Fortune Global 500, Chinese Top 500 and Chinese Top Private 500 have entered Liangshan Prefecture to driven the sound and fast development of economy in Liangshan Prefecture.
  In 2012, the regional output was 1.1227 billion Yuan with the local public fiscal revenue of 10.01 billion Yuan, ranking the 1st place among 30 autonomous prefectures of minority in China.

In addition to the implementation of multipoint and multistage support of Sichuan Province in depth, the Three Development Strategies of Interaction between New Industry and New Urbanization, urban and rural coordination and innovation-driven system is on the agenda of execution of Liangshan Prefecture to build the important clean energy industry base around China by taking the Three-River hydroelectric development as the leading industry and forge the comprehensive utilization base of important vanadium-titanium resource facilitated by the construction of innovation and development experiment zone of Panxi-Xichang Strategic Resource.
Meanwhile, the new energy industries of solar, wind, biomass and others shall be developed greatly to speed up the completion of maximum demonstration base of new energy application in the West China and the construction of beautiful, rich and harmonious new Liangshan Prefecture.

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