Dechang, with Anning River coming by from the north, is blessed with beautiful scenery and landscape. It is called the backyard garden of Panzhihua-Xichang area and Phoenix City thanks to its geographic resemblance to a flying phoenix. Dechang is a national demonstrative forest county, science county and green energy county; it is also a Sichuan provincial clean county, garden county, and new rural construction demonstrative county. Dechang is striving to be a Sichuan provincial cultural city and eco-friendly county. Ecology has always been the priority of Dechang, and the government puts hard efforts to make Dechang a city where everyone can enjoy lives.
  Dechang welcomes hi-tech industrial projects with less resources consumption, higher profitability and higher tax revenues, for instances, vanadium and titanium projects, rare earth new materials, and equipment manufacturing projects. We also encourage light industry projects, such as featured agricultural products processing projects (including modern tobacco amenity industries), to join our industrial park.
  Dechang offers supports in land, financing and taxation. For projects landing on Yinchang Industrial Park, land rate charge is 80,000 RMB/mu; for projects landing on Daping Tobacco Park, land rate charge is 150,000 RMB/mu; for projects landing on Yonglang Industrial Park, land rate charge is 60,000 RMB/mu. For those companies which are in accordance with “National Go West” Campaign and are determined to launch projects in Dechang, we provide tax reduction offers. We also offer projects one-stop service: all administration fees during application process are charged at the lowest rates.
  Up to now, Dechang Industrial Cluster has acquired and stored 5000 mu land available for companies interested in investing in Dechang. The ready-to-use land guarantees that companies construction process.
  This year, Chongqing Steel Group’s vanadium and titanium comprehensive utilization project, Shandong Rizhao Steel Group’s vanadium and titanium comprehensive utilization project, “Agricultural Machine Manufacturing Phase 1 Project” and other projects worth tens of billions RMB are about to establish in Dechang.

Dechang Phoenix Modern Flower Industry Park Construction Project   
The project site is located at where Cida River and Anning River meet. With its river valley geographic features, the site is ideally to develop sight-seeing agricultural industry. It is four kilometers from Dechang downtown, with excellent natural conditions to develop flower and gardening industry. The total investment is estimated over 400 million RMB.
Dechang Rare Earch Intensive Processing and Application Project
280,000 tons of rare earth has been discovered in Dechang, and the estimated storage amount is 780,000 tons. The average grade is 2-7, and the highest individual REO grade is up to 17.68%. The total investment is about 300 million RMB.
Dechang Fluorite Mine Comprehensive Utilization and Production Project
500,000 to 1,000,000 tons of fluorite mine storage amount are estimated in Dechang, with 52.10% average grade. Its S and P contents are lower than the allowable value, and mining technological conditions belong to intermediate category. The total investment requires 1 billion RMB.
Dechang Comprehensive Ceramics Factory Construction Project   
Quality Kaolinite is found in Dechang with a storage of 15 million tons. The factory floor is situated near the mining area with good geographic conditions. Kaolinite intensive processed products have a wide marketing perspective. The total investment is 100 million RMB.

For more information, please contact Tan Li, director of Dechang County Investment Promotion Bureau on 0834-5202732.