Panzhihua is called as China excellent tourism city, national sanitary city, national new industrialization demonstration base, national modern agriculture demonstration area, national model city in exploring low carbon development, and was granted the titles of vanadium and titanium capitals in China, and hometowns of Zuoque inkstone and truffles in China.
 Core industries: Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources
 Panzhihua has the over 20-billion-ton reserves of vanadium, titanium and magnetite. The vanadium and titanium industry clusters is selected as the “top 50 in China industrial clusters”, is accelerating the construction of vanadium and titanium resources centers, product centers, quality inspection centers, research centers and trading centers, and strives to make the output value of vanadium and titanium steel and related industry to exceed RMB 300 billion Yuan in 2017.
 Leading Industry: characteristic machinery manufacturing
 Panzhihua machinery manufacturing industry featuring the vanadium and titanium low alloy is developing rapidly, and the products involve the metallurgical equipment, mining machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, etc, and the products have entered the international market.
 Characteristic industry: Sunny and health-care Tourism
 Panzhihua is accelerating to create China sunshine health-care tourist city with the support of “one core, two districts, three zones, four blocks”, and strives to receive over 10 million tourists in 2015 with the total tourism revenue of over RMB 20 billion Yuan.
 Location: it is located in the “South Gate” of Sichuan, and the north is the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, the south is Kunming Economic Zone, and it is the important channel for Sichuan to go to the rivers and seas, and be integrated to Beibu Gulf Economic circle and Southeast Asia economic circle.
 Transportation: the Chengdu-Kunming railway and Chengdu-Panzihua highway run through the whole territory; the airport will resume the service, and the Panzihua-Kunming expressway will be completed very soon; many other highways and railways such as the new Chengdu-Kunming Line and Lijiang - Panzihua expressway are accelerating to be constructed; the regional integrated transport hub and inter-provincial logistics center are being formed.
 Services: there are the Customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and administrative service center, which implement the “one-stop” declaration, “one-time” notice, “one-gate” acceptance, and “parallel” approval.

 Flower City District
 The development permission area of Flower City district is 59.2 square kilometers with the construction area of 33 square kilometers, and the population capacity increases by 350000 people. In 5 to 10 years Panzhihua plans to build this new district as the centralized administrative offices zone, high-end service industry clustering zone, and new ecological, beautiful and livable modern city.

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