Shuangliu has ever been granted the Model Award for Residential Environment in China, the Best Model Award for International E-cological Environment for Living, the Award for Green Residential Environment in Asia 2010, and the title of a city with outstand-ing contribution to the construc-tion of green residential environ-ment in Asia in 2011. The coun-ty was chosen to be the top 10 of 2012 China County (City) Level Happy Cities and entitled as “China Top 10 Comprehen-sive Well-off Demo Coun-ties&Cities” for three continuous times between 2010 and 2013 .
Core Industry - Emerging Electronics and Information Industry
  The Newly-emerging Electronics and Information Industrial Park has a planned area of 15.48km2. Integrated electric circuits, new display ele-ments, network and communication equipment, applied electronic prod-ucts, electronic elements, various whole computer manufacturing, intel-ligent terminals, mobile communica-tions, and wireless.
  Netcom products will be focused for development. Currently, the top 500 enterprises such as Compal Electron-ics, Wistron and Flextronics have stationed in the park.
  Mainstream Industry - Biology Industry
  The Biology Industry Park covers the area of among which the construction of shall be launched at first. The key develop-ment shall be in the bio-pharmaceutic industry, advanced medical equipment and device manufacturing, develop-ment and research of bio-pharmaceu-tic products, biological manufacturing and now the park has gathered such renowned pharmaceutic enterprises as Bayer from Germany, Enwei Group, Taiji Group, Yangzijiang Pharmaceu-tic, Shuyang Parmaceutic, Kanghong Pharmaceutic, and Xiuzheng Pharma-ceutic, etc.
  Mainstream Industry - New Energy Industry
   Shuangliu County has been ranked the first among “the Top 100 Counties for New Energies” in China for three consecutive years. It is cur-rently a base with the most technical approaches, most advanced research and development platform, longest in-dustrial chain and greatest develop-ment potential for the new energy industry in China, having formed the solar energy industry centering on photovoltaic and solar heat, the nu-clear power industry with application of civil nuclear technology as the breakthrough and the wind power in-dustry focusing on the supporting parts for complete products.
Mainstream Industry - High-end Equipment Manufacture Industry
  The high-end equipment manufactur-ing industry park has the planned area of The key development shall be in the rail transportation, in-telligent manufacturing, aviation man-ufacturing and maintenance, etc. Currently the enterprises, e.g. the Southwest Jiaotong University Indus-try Park, SNECMA Aero-engine Maintenance, and Taikoo Sichuan Aircraft Engineering Services, etc., have settled down in Shuangliu.
Investment Envirnment
Aviation: Shuangliu Interna-tional Airport, as the 4th largest airport hub in China, owns 141 domestic and 54 international (regional) air routes in operation, and is the only airport with di-rect air route to Europe in mid-dle and western China.
Railway: there are Cheng-du-Kunming Railway, Cheng-du-Leshan-Mianyang Inter-city Railway (under construction), 1 elevated railway, 5 subways (un-der construction), 4 railway car-go station, and RONG XIN OU Railway, which allows 80h’s ride to Europe.
Highway: there are 8 national highways and 5 expressways passing through Shuangliu. Over 10 urban main roads connect with Chengdu’s downtown area. 7 out of 10 subways planned by Chengdu shall pass though Shuangliu county.
Waterway: there are 3 ports for water transportation within the two-hour circle.

The general planned area of Tianfu New Area covers 1, Shuangliu is positioned at the core of Tianfu New Area covering the area of, accounting for 56% of the total area of Tianfu New Area; and the planned construction land is and Shuangliu covers, accounting for 64.2% of Tianfu New Area; the area of the general planned industry land is and is in Shuangliu, accounting for 60% of Tianfu New Area.
  The functionality divisions - “One city and six districts” of Tianfu New Area all involve in Shuangliu.
  A Pilot Industrial Highland Lead-ing in Western China, Top in China and Well-Known to the World.