Xichang has won more than 50 honors, such as the Excellent Tourism City in China, the Forest City in China, the Most Fascinating Place in China, one of the Top 10 small Cities deserving your visit in China, Top 10 Most Beautiful Ancient Cities in China, Top 10 Most Vigorous Counties and Cities in Sichuan, the Demonstration City in Environmental Protection in Sichuan, the Ecological City in Sichuan, the Civilized City in Sichuan, the Clean City in Sichuan, the Demonstration City of “Five-Ten-Hundred-Thousand Demonstration Project” in the comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment, the Safe City in Sichuan, one of the Top 10 Most Livable Cities in Sichuan, Top 3 Destination of Lazy Tour in Sichuan and the Demonstration City of Rural Tourism, etc. It is being built into the Safe City in China, the Clean City in China, the Garden City in China, the Civilized City in China, the Ecological City in China and the Demonstration City of the sixth round of Double Support in China.
  Since the 11th Five-year-plan Period, Xichang has driven into the fast lane of rapid development in economy and society, and is trying to become the 3rd national Top 100 Economically Strong Counties in Sichuan. Under the promotion of the new round of West Development and Sichuan Provincial Committee’s Suggestions on Accelerating in Promoting Liangshan’s Marching Forward for a Well-off Society, Xichang is trying to be a central city at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan with the population of 1 million and GDP of RMB 100 billion in 2010, so as to realize the second leapover of its economy and society.
  Grasping the opportunity, Xichang municipal committee and municipal government put forward five strategies for prospering the city, five theme-year activities and five area group fortifications to promote the scientific development in an all-round way. As the city infrastructure becomes complete and the ecological environment is improved, the city gathering function of Xichang will be further strengthened to imrpove its capacity of bearing large projects and industries. The construction of 30-skm Xichang New Area needs a large number of projects as the support, which provides golden opportunities and huge space for investors to start their business.

Four goals: to be the core growth pole of teh national Panzhihua-Xichang strategic resources innovation and development test area; to be the national holiday resort; to be a comprehensive traffic hub of the southward pass of Sichuan; to be a regional central city at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces.

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