Xindu Town, located at 104°6’ E 30°51’ N, is a critical town in southwest China and the north gate of Chengdu.
With 6 interchanges along the urban ring expressway, Xindu has subways No. 1, 3 and 5 running through its territory, and integrates naturally with Chengdu, with its core status in Dachengbei Economic Zone more prominent. As the bridgehead of Chengd-Deyang-Mianyang Economic Belt, Xindu has Sichuan-Shananxi Highway, Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway, Chengdu-Pengzhou Expressway, Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan Inter-city Railway running through its territory; additionally, it has held the golden section of the hundred-li axial line of Chengdu, with 21 km of the line stretching through it.
  Xindu has six pillar industries, including machinery, furniture, electronic products, food, pharmacy and logistics industries, to jointly form its industrial advantage. It will construct an industrial park of 100 billion-Yuan level, promote development of strategic emerging industries, accelerate construction of an international modern commercial and trade center as well as a business highland, form high-end modern logistics and seize the leading position of the furniture industry. It has attracted many enterprises among the world top 500, including Coca Cola and DHL.
  To construct an open Xindu is placed before the other five. It requires establishing the idea of open cooperation, enhancing the ability of integrating resources from worldwide and realizing continual breakthroughs in investment attraction, continuous increase of the town’s influence and constant promotion of the outward economic orientation.
  Moreover, Xindu will increase input of advanced production elements, including technology and brand, speed up policy and system innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, accelerate transformation for development, and advance industrial development from lower to higher, from weaker to stronger and from rawer to finer; it will also speed up construction of carriers for scientific and technological innovations and project the leading position of the national hi-tech industrial research and development base, so as to seize the dominant position of the petroleum derivative industry…

Xindu persists in leading development of new industries and accelerated development of modern service industry, places emphasis on constructing new industries as the engine with support of modern logistics and modern commercial services, takes cultural tourism and building industry as features, adopts modern production system based on modern metropolitan agriculture, and strives to be a pivot for movement of Chengdu-Deyang-Mianyang Economic Belt and to promote coordinated economic development of urban and rural areas, in realization of leap-forward development.

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