Ziyang is located in the middle of  the Sichuan Basin. Its north is near Chengdu and its east connected to Chongqing. It governs the Yanjiang Dis-trict, Jianyang county-level city , Anyue County and Lezhi County, covering an area of 7,962 square kilometers and having a population of 5.04 million.     
Ziyang was the hometown of Chang Hong,the music teacher of Confucius, Wang Bao ,the great litterateur in the Western Han Dynasty(206BC-AD24) and Dong Jun , the Confucian Scholar in the Eastern Han Dynasty(AD25-220). So it is also called the  ^Hometown of three saits ̄. Marshal Chen Yi, one of the founding father of the People's Republic of China, was born in Lezhi County, Ziyang.  
  Automobile industry: Hyundai of Korea which is one of the World Top 500 is to cooperate with Nanjun Auto Group to build up a manufacture base that can produce 0.7 million business cars in the world class annually. The industry keys in bringing in automobile and parts enterprises. By 2015, the total production value of the automobile industry shall be 100 billion.
  Food industry: The industry keys in bringing in the enterprises engaging in livestock products, grain and oil, fruit and vegetable, ingredients, beverage and soft drinks and the total production value of the food industry shall be 50 billion by 2015.
  Pharmaceutical industry: The total production value of the pharmaceutical industry is ranked as the No. 2 in Sichuan province. Among the production value, that of medical equipments is No. 1 in Sichuan province. The industry keys in bringing in and developing the industries of medical equipment, Chinese medicine, western medicine and the products. The total production value of the pharmaceutical industry shall be 30 billion by 2015.
  Textile industry: The industry keys in bringing in the enterprises engaging in cotton production, silk weaving and production, costume, shoe and hat. The total production value of the textile industry shall be 30 billion.
  Construction material industry: By 2015, the cement production capacity shall be over 8 million tons and new-type energy-saving construction materials produced intensively. The total production value of the industry shall be 30 billion.
  Energy-saving industry: The industry keys in bringing in energy-saving industry, energy-saving technology service industry and energy-saving logistics and is making its effort to cultivate its 100 billion energy-saving industry in 10 years and create an ^Energy-saving city in western China ̄.
  Natural gas industry: The demonstrated reserves of natural gas (shallow gas) is approx. 230 billion m3 and Ziyang shall become one of the ^Five largest newly-emerging industry bases for natural gas chemical industry ̄ planned by Sichuan province. The industry is planning to build up the ^Ziyang natural gas chemical industry park ̄.
  The development is fast. From 2009 to 2012, the total economic volume of Ziyang was upgraded significantly twice in four years and currently is ranked as No. 10 in Sichuan province which is over 100 billion.
  The advantage of its location is strong. Ziyang is the only regional central city which connects the dual cores of Chengdu and Chongqing and accelerating its formation of 3-D transportation layout - ^Five highways and three expressways ̄ and ^Railway, road and infrastructure ̄ including Cheng-yu railway and Special Chengyu Passenger Railway and the highways and expressways of Cheng-an-yu and Shui-zi-mei, etc. The new Chengdu airport shall be settled in Jianyang and the airport economy is going to make Ziyang take off.
  Excellent industry foundation. Ziyang is accelerating its becoming a national motorcycle and automobile manufacture and export base, green product manufacture base, international expo base and tourism destination of leisure vacation; the ^Two lakes and one mountain ̄ of Jianyang which covers the area of 191 sq. Km is brought into the New Tianfu District and the Southern centralized industry development zone is striving to create a 100 billion park and 100billion industry. The Cheng-zi and Yu-zi industry development zone have become a model zone for cooperative development undertaking the industry transfer from Chengdu and Chongqing.

In 2013, Ziyang shall introduce 140 of key projects with the total investment of 134.7 billion. Among these projects, there are 23 projects in automobile and equipment manufacture industry, 6 in energy-saving industry, 18 in modern service industry and18 in cultural tourism as well as 12 industry park and district projects and 43 infrastructure facility projects.

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